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UPDATE: RAIN DELAY  The date has changed to the 24th.
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Our cleanup is scheduled for Oct 24th.  

The rangers would like us to work on Bald Mountain (Big Levels). We will be cleaning trash along the trail, limbing and brushing, erecting signage, and replacing some documents in the kiosks. Ranger will provide the signs and documents. They have asked us to camp at Sherando Lake Campground (, which has power at sites but no water or sewer. There is a dump station and shower houses with a toilet. All group camps are full for this weekend. There are a few regular sites available. Trash will be collected and taken back to the campground for disposal by the rangers.

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Shoe Creek Trail Update 7-18-15


We here at Virginia Fourwheel Drive Association have been in constant contact with the Rangers from the Peddler District and here is the latest on the trail closure.

The property owners have gated the lower and upper entrances to their property. The NFS doesn’t have “right of way” through the private property and the land owner has every right to close access to their property. They have closed access through their property because of the constant vandalism to the property (tearing down of no trespassing signs, off trail wheeling and theft of personal property from their cabins).

The NFS has temporarily closed the lower entrance to the Shoe Creek trail up to the lower private property gate to repair damage to creek crossings and off trail spurs that have been used by people throughout the years. They plan to add stone to creek crossings and plant vegetation along creek crossings to help keep sediment out of the streams. They are also going to add signage to help stop illegal wheeling on this trail. Remember this is a point to point trail and NO off trail wheeling is legal or allowed. They plan to only have the lower part of the trail closed for two to three months during this effort.

The upper part of the trail is open down to the private property gate. From both trail heads to the private property gates is about 1.3 miles of trail. As respect to the private property owners please don’t damage their gates. There has already been a group caught by the property owner trying to pull the lower gate down using a strap and a winch. As food for thought the gates are at least 100 feet in on their property and at that point you are trespassing and can be ticketed or worse. So our advice is to respect the property owner’s wishes and stay clear of their property. Damaging gates, trying to go around gates, and causing property damage is only going to make this situation worse and then the NFS will have no choice but close the entire trail.

As more news from the NFS is available we will let you know. There will be an official notice from the NPS in the next few days on the closure to the lower entrance to Shoe Creek.


Jesse L Schneirla

VA4WDA President

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Our members have many diverse recreational interests using their four wheel drive vehicles - camping, surf-fishing, trail riding, competitive events, and sightseeing to name a few. This broad spectrum of four wheel drive owners benefit from our work with legislators, land managers, national forest officials, automotive dealers. etc., to help keep public lands open for everyone.

We are the only state no brand four wheel drive association in Virginia, and we are very proud of our endeavors over the years. YOU NEED TO JOIN THE VA4WDA, you can make a difference and together we can safe our sport!


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