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Upcoming Trail Runs / Re: 2014 Earth Day Cleanup
« Last post by JEMO on April 03, 2014, 04:06:29 am »
Is this where we RSVP or is there another place to do this?  If this is it, please add my name to the list.
Upcoming Trail Runs / Re: 2014 Earth Day Cleanup
« Last post by pcwolf on April 02, 2014, 10:33:44 pm »
went up today to do a site survey and finalize details.  Campground looks great.

This entire site is very accessible and can easily be done if we get the turnout.
General Discussion / Re: Need help to identify a location in VA for a club event.
« Last post by pcwolf on March 28, 2014, 05:36:19 pm »
Agree with comments regarding GWNF.

Check out campgrounds at Sherando Lake (USFS) and Natural Chimneys (Augusta County)
Both are reasonably priced, offer hot water showers, flush toilets, and electrical/sewer hookups.
Those campgrounds are within easy driving distance of a number of good, scenic trails.
Upcoming Trail Runs / 2014 Earth Day Cleanup
« Last post by pcwolf on March 28, 2014, 03:18:35 pm »

This is what happens when wheelers misbehave and try to cut new trails on Public lands: You can slam the door shut on the people who come after you on the trail.

Here is the text description of a project the Ranger of this District is preparing for this trail:

"Whitmore, David -FS


Since the winter has been real this year with lots of precipitation, we have not been able to accomplish any work to date on the Big Levels/Bald Mtn. Trail.  We hope to start some work over the summer.  The work is planned to accomplish several things:

1)      Block illegally opened and travelled roads
2)      Designate the legal roads for vehicular travel
3)      Improve the condition of the legal routes for conventional 4x4s
4)      Correct any drainage deficiencies
5)      Mark the legal routes through a combination of tree blazing and/or signage
6)      Erect small information boards at both ends of the road (near Blue Ridge Parkway intersection and near Coal Road intersection)

For a volunteer project,  I feel that your organization and member clubs could help us with items #5 and #6 at a minimum.  As part of the grant through the Recreational Trails Fund (motorized portion) through the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, we (the Forest Service) have to have a certain percentage of the work accomplished through non-federal funds.  This could be through material donations from private entities, or through the value of volunteer labor from groups like yours. 

Another possibility that would benefit everyone would be to have a trail cleanup day, much like the one outlined below.

I really appreciate your willingness to work with us and apologize that I don’t have anything concrete in the works yet.  As a starting point, maybe you can gauge interest from this weekend’s meeting and get back to me about the above possibilities.  If interest is there, then I will be glad to provide some more definitive projects and timelines.  Thanks again,


If your Club would like to take on some of these projects, please reply here on VA4WDA Forums or email to me:


-Phil Wolf
Land Use Coordinator
Thanks, Bryan.

Give me a call when you get back to give me a rundown of your observations. You are saving me a trip up solely to get an eyeball on the cleanup site. 

I have used your email regarding your trip this week to stir up the USFS Rangers and show that we are in this for the long term.  OCC RULES!

I'll be out there to check it out this Saturday!!
Latest News From Our Land use Chair / Trail restoration and protection - Moab, Utah
« Last post by pcwolf on March 20, 2014, 01:35:15 pm »
Received the following from TreadLightly soliciting funds to protect and improve trails outside Moab.
Latest News From Our Land use Chair / Trail Improvement Reimbursement Funds
« Last post by pcwolf on February 06, 2014, 11:43:52 pm »
Virginia 4-Wheel Drive Association uses a portion of your dues to keep a Trail Improvement Fund for the express purpose of paying costs associated with maintaining and improving your trails. 

Folks, through meeting with U.S. Forest Service Rangers and driving many trails, I have collected a few small projects suitable for Clubs to tackle with a day's work to make improvements.  Please contact me if you want to know if there is a project near you.  Some of the projects so far include repairing fences, placing signs and markers.

This fund is also authorized to reimburse YOUR CLUB for any expenses you incur for trail improvements.  Please ask me how to tap this money, but it basically means requesting reimbursement IN ADVANCE to the VA4WDA Board, and then documenting your work to unlock the reimbursement.

If anyone should be planning run up to Second Mountain Trail outside Harrisonburg anytime soon, I need an on-site eyeball report of a cleanup site the Ranger suggested we tackle next.

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